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Forest Fire

Selected Publications

  • Enayati Ahangar, F., Cobian-Iñiguez, J. and Cisneros, R., 2022. Combining regulatory instruments and low-cost sensors to quantify the effects of 2020 California wildfires on PM2. 5 in San Joaquin Valley. Fire, 5(3), p.64.

  • Iglesias, V., Stavros, N., Balch, J.K., Barrett, K., Cobian-Iñiguez, J., Hester, C., Kolden, C., Leyk, S., Nagy, R.C., Reid, C. and Wiedinmyer, C. Fires that matter: reconceptualizing fire risk to include interactions between humans and the natural environment. 2022 (Environmental Research Letters)

  • Cobian-Iñiguez, J., Richter, F., Carmignani, L.,  Liveretou, C.,  Xiong, H., Stephens, S., Finney, M.,  Gollner, M, Fernandez-Pello, C. Wind Effects on Smoldering Behavior of Simulated Wildland Fuels. 2022. (Combustion Science and Technology) 

  • Aminfar, Amirhessam, et al. "Using background-oriented schlieren to visualize convection in a propagating wildland fire." Combustion Science and Technology 192.12 (2020): 2259-2279.

  • Cobian-Iñiguez, J., Aminfar, A., Weise, D. R., Princevac, M. On the Use of Semi-Empirical Flame Property Models for Spreading Chaparral Crown Fire Applications. Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering, Thermal and Mass Transport, 2019.

  • Hess, Katherine A., Cullen, Cheila, Cobian-Iñiguez, Jeanette, Ramthun, Jacob S., Lenske, Victor, Magness, Dawn R., Bolten, John D., Foster, Adrianna C. and Joseph Spruce. "Satellite-Based Assessment of Grassland Conversion and Related Fire Disturbance in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska." Remote Sensing, 11, no. 3 (2019): 283.

  • Weise D., Cobian- Iñiguez, J., Princevac, M. (2018) F. In: Manzello S. (eds) Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires. Springer, Cham

  • Cobian-Iñiguez, J., Aminfar, A., Chong, J., Burke, G., Zuniga, A., Weise, D. R., Princevac, M. Wind Tunnel Experiments to Study Chaparral Crown Fires. J. Vis. Exp. (129), e56591, doi:10.3791/56591, 2017.

  • Cobian-Iñiguez, J., A. Wu, F. Dugast, and A. Pacheco-Vega, “Numerically-based parametric analysis of plain fin and tube compact heat exchangers,” Appl. Therm. Eng., vol. 86, pp. 1–13, 2015.

Complete list can be found on my scholar page: link

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